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Natalie Angrisani
Natalie Angrisani

First and foremost I’m a life-long student of learning who continually seeks out and studies ways to improve both my personal and professional growth.

In doing so, I wear many hats.  I am a marketing consultant, health and wellness coach, environmental consultant and online marketer. I’m also a Left-Handed Bowler with a passion for writing. I love to write while thoroughly enjoying a good cup of freshly brewed coffee (another passion of mine).

We all have our own stories and I enjoy helping others write and tell their own by encouraging success in every aspect of their lives.  Although my primary focus has been to share my knowledge from online marketing, I promote ways to make better, safer, smarter choices for our bodies, our homes and our environment, living a healthy lifestyle and the personal benefits of a positive attitude.

I start my day with this quote on my desk:

“You’ve got to believe in the community. You’ve got to believe in the possibilities. You’ve got to believe that tomorrow can be better than today. Here’s the big one. Believe in yourself. There isn’t a skill you can’t learn; there isn’t a discipline you can’t try; there isn’t a class you can’t take; there isn’t a book you couldn’t read” ~ Jim Rohn

As a surfer (on the internet only) I have followed the waves of internet marketing since 2009. I said follow because that is what I did at first. I was only a follower. I didn’t understand how to be online or have any experience with it. Honestly, I didn’t have any real clue about what I needed to be doing (and I’m still learning). In fact, I found that I was wasting money each time I went from one program to another going after the newest “shiny pebble”. I thought that it was only about my finding the one program that would give me success online.

Let’s fast forward to 2012 …

I started surfing (online) again. I thought I’d just give it one more shot to see if I could have a career in online marketing. After all, if others did it and were successful; why couldn’t I.

There were still a lot of “shiny pebbles” out there but this time I did something different. I learned the most important lesson ever about life. In terms of a career, you can genuinely be anything you want to be if you put your mind to it.

Want to be a writer? Great, all you have to do is to start writing a book.

Want to be an artist? Sure, just start painting!

Want to be a pilot? Start looking for pilot courses.

Want to be a pilot but can’t afford the course/don’t want to give up your current lifestyle? Then look into flying a microlight.

The point is to start doing the thing you want to do, with the right attitude and you can become who you want to be. As soon as you write, you are a writer by definition. Sure, you may not be famous for it. You might not be professional. You might not even be any good. But you are a writer!  And when someone asks you what you can do, you can legitimately say ‘I’m a writer’. It all begins with a positive attitude and how you approach life.

Hopefully what you’re getting from this is that you don’t have to define yourself with limitations. Likewise, you don’t have to have just one career. It’s about not waiting. It’s about realizing what it is that motivates you and it’s about believing in the possibilities.

Natalie Angrisani