Email Marketing

Secrets for Successful Email Marketing

June 22, 2017

When done correctly, email marketing will always bring forth incredible results. Perhaps what most people fail to understand is that getting yourself more educated on email marketing techniques is certainly how you achieve tremendous success in your email marketing campaign. Of course we all wish for success and so mastering email marketing techniques with these simple ideas you are yet to discover will go a long way in bringing you your desired expectations.

• Opt-in plan

Plenty of website owners haven’t really taken advantage of the power of networking with subscribers. Mostly, it stems from the fact that majority lack the knowledge on how to get people to sign up for the opt-in fields. It’s even a little worse for those who lack the opt-in marketing plan.

So, to begin with, get a great email tracking software such as AWeber. You can then proceed to share free informative and valuable content (mostly eBooks) with your subscribers. Also, ensure the opt-in fields are easily comprehensible and consistent with your website’s purpose.

• Segment your list

Soon as subscribers sign up for your email list, segment them based on age, gender, industry and more. It’s certainly the best way to understand the needs and preferences of your audience and, therefore, send them relevant content. You can always grow your list by sending them timely messages.

• Content is king

You’ve probably heard those three words dozens of times by now. If your headlines aren’t catchy, compelling and succinct, the chance of an email recipient failing to respond will be so high. In fact, the entire email content has to reflect all the above.

You can as well feature attractive images in them. Also, don’t forget to optimize it for all devices, from PC to tablets and mobile devices. That way, email recipients will respond so well to your messages.

• Proper timing

Email marketing becomes effective when you catch people off guard and get them convinced to do what you want. For instance, you might try to email people late into the night when you know they could probably be on their computer but not early enough when most have other things to take care of.

Late at night, mostly there’s nothing really worthy on TV and a good number of people are usually not tired enough to fall asleep. It’s an absolutely perfect time, therefore, to get people to read your stuff.

• Have a legitimate opt-out option

This sounds a little bit counter-intuitive, right? But by having such an option, you make your subscribers more inclined to trust your word since you are offering them a way out that’s easy and non-invasive. Besides, it is rude and illegal not to have this.

• Present your subscribers with a clear-cut mode to contact you

Here is where you have to use the email signatures very effectively. Ensure you’ve given out contact information by which your subscribers would be able to get in touch with you directly.

To sum up, always keep in mind that email marketing is and always will remain to be an effective and inexpensive way to grow your blog or online business. And without mastering email marketing techniques with these simple Ideas we’ve listed, you’ll likely achieve less. So go right ahead and put all of them to good use then stay ready to watch your dreams turn to reality.

Email Marketing Ideas To Increase Your List

June 18, 2017

Nowadays,if you have a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can easily access your email account.  Business people are using emails to market their goods and services. This is the reason you should know good email marketing ideas so that you can increase your subscriber base. The more subscribers you have, the more the customers. The following are good email marketing ideas that will go a long way in increasing your subscribers:

Use Reminders

When following up your customers through email, try to use reminders. You can add a “visit today”, “come tomorrow” button onto your ad.This will go a long way in reminding your customers to show up on specific days. Your customers may have busy schedules and this is the reason you need to follow them up with some kind of a reminder.

Slowly Build Your Contact List.

You should start with those that have already appreciated what you offer and aim at targeting more prospects. This can be time consuming but eventually, you will have built a reliable contact list. The more customers you have in your list, the more the sales. These sales eventually maximize your revenues thereby enabling you to make more profit from your business.

Seek prior permission from your customers before adding them into your email marketing list.

It is always advisable that you seek permission from your customers before you add them into your marketing list. Customers are not always the same. Some may be happy to be automatically added while others may get upset if you do not seek their permission. If you do not have their permission, you will be responsible for sending spam thereby generating complaints. This is the reason you should request your customers to subscribe to your list.

Encourage your readers to respond to every email they get.

You should motivate your readers to always read and reply your emails immediately. This will go a long way in building a personal relationship with each of your readers. They may end up being loyal customers. In addition, it will go a long way in allowing you to get more specific feedback on the success of your efforts.

Target the right customers.

It is always advisable that you target the right customers when setting up an email marketing campaign. Ensure that you do a good research regarding your market niche and that will help you determine your target audience.

Customers are very important for your business to grow. This is the reason you should always make them happy and more so build a personal relationship with them. The more customers you have, the more the sales. This is the reason you should be very keen even when you are undertaking email marketing strategy. Make use of the above mentioned ideas when undertaking email marketing campaign and you won’t regret. You can even explore more ideas that will go a long way in increasing your subscriber base. Many have tried the above mentioned ideas and have ended up being successful individuals. Do not relent. Start now and enjoy the results.

Get Results with Email Marketing

June 17, 2017

We all receive emails, which we mark as spam, ignore, or immediately delete. Possibly, your email marketing is receiving the same kind of response. Perhaps you are not being able to grab the attention of your audience. Maybe your subject lines are not that interesting to lure your audience into reading the complete email.

The fact is email marketing is very important, as it can help strengthen your relationship with your customers, and thus be very beneficial for your business. So, to help you grow and be successful here are some email marketing ideas that produce results.

Content and Conversation

Just like it is important for the headline of the newspaper to be interesting to grab your attention, similarly your subject line needs to be appealing. This is the first way you can grab your reader’s attention, and ensure they open your mail. When you write something that makes them curious, they’ll want to read more. But, just an interesting subject line is not enough, it should be backed by a good content, otherwise your email will land in the trash.

If you have the right content, you will be able to engage your subscribers in a conversation, and will not just be throwing details at them.

Call to Action and Links Are Important

You have created an email marketing campaign to increase traffic to your website and landing page. If there are no clicks, then you will have no customers. So, it is very important for your links to be obvious, and allow readers more than a single chance to interact. This can be helped with perfect call to action that speaks to feelings and emotions. If you just use “click here” that will not really work these days.

Call to actions need to be exciting enough to entice your audience. For instance, a “click here” or “learn more” is not as interesting as “download your free report”.

Make it Mobile Friendly

The first thing most people do after waking up in the morning is checking their phones. In fact, maximum emails open on tablets or smartphones. So, remember, if your emails are not optimized to be viewed on such devices, then you likely are missing out on a big number of clicks.

Test Before Sending

Never send anything before you actually check if it is working. Test internally, using all major providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc, and also the most popular mobile phones. Make sure your emails do not fall apart, no personalization is failing, and all your links are working. If you send your emails without testing, and it does not work, you will end up looking unprofessional and foolish. So, check your emails before sending.

Use Email Marketing to Maximize Sales

June 16, 2017

If you’re not capturing leads on your website and blogs through an opt in email marketing form, you are leaving most of your profits behind. What most business owners and entrepreneurs don’t understand is that sales conversions are rarely immediate. With the right marketing, you are sure to attract some hot prospects who will act right away but most will not be ready. If you do not capture these prospects into a list, their options are limited to adding your page to their favorites. When you do this, the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind,” is what generally happens. You have most likely lost that prospect forever. These email marketing tips will help you to get started with an email marketing strategy that is likely to be productive and profitable.

Profit From Opt-in Email Marketing

When an interested prospect finds your information and you give them the opportunity to opt in to your subscriber list along with a little incentive, you are in effect building a gold mine. Your list of subscribers provides you with a permission based opportunity to send information and offers on a recurring basis. It is a know fact that most sales occur after a prospect sees the information many times – as many as 10-15 in fact. The prospect may not open all of your emails but just by virtue of the fact that they are coming across his or her email with your name and message, does not go unnoticed. You are imprinting your powerful brand and when the time is right for that prospect to act, they are more than likely to call you instead of looking around for someone else. Through your email marketing, your subscribers can also forward your email to their list – some of whom may be the ripe low hanging fruit who is ready to act right now.

Building Your Opt-in Email Marketing List

Besides including a form on your website, blog or social media site where allowed, there are many off line ways you can build an opt in email marketing list. If you are at a trade show, you may build a permission based list from offering a drawing at your booth for an attractive prize. As a speaker at an event, you may associate your list with a bonus offer that everyone in attendance receives. As long as you disclose your intention and have written documentation with the terms of adding someone to your list, you can effectively add them as a subscriber. Of course you must provide them with the opportunity to remove their name from your list with each email that you send. Once you create your list, you will want to import it into your bulk email marketing system.

Importing Your Opt-in Email Marketing List

Most bulk email marketing companies allow you to import a list but require a double opt in registration. There are strict email marketing laws to prevent spam and failure to comply can cause a website to be blocked and black listed. Double confirmation requires the prospect to click a link that confirms their agreement to be part of that list. It is recommended that you provide a free and highly attractive incentive for your prospect to cooperate.

Email Marketing Tips for Your Success

These email marketing tips are intended to help you understand the value of opt-in email marketing to your business success. If you have not integrated email marketing as an integral part of your marketing, you are leaving warm and hot prospects behind that are likely to become your future customers and sources of referral.

Is Email Marketing The Right Choice?

June 12, 2017

Just because other business are successfully using Email marketing as one of their marketing technique for their business does not mean that this is the right technique for you. Every business is unique based on client and product base and this means that a marketing technique that suits another business is likely to flop on your business. Before deciding whether Email marketing is a right approach for your business, it is important to look at specific features of your business that will help you determine if it will suit your business or not.

Here are ways of determining if Email marketing is the right choice for your business:

Target/Potential Clients.

The people you are targeting are very important when making a decision on whether to use e-mail marketing or not. The target clients generally determine the approach you will use to pass the information. If your target audience consist of young and internet savvy people then this is right marketing method to use. On the other and, if your target audience rarely visits the internet then this method is not right for your business. You do not want to keep sending marketing Emails that will never be ready by anyone. If your audience has internet accessibility then this is a right method for you.

Type of Product/Service.

This is another factor to consider when evaluating your business for Email marketing. The type of product or service you are offering is important because there are other products that can easily be sold online via Email compared to others. For instance, creating an Email sales pitch for some products may seem difficult and complicated. This is because there are products that can be easily explained and portrayed well in an Email but others can’t. Before deciding to use an Email marketing strategy, study your product and service and decide whether it can be well portrayed in an Email.

Likelihood of Spam Messages.

There are certain product that are likely to end up in the spam mail box if not well presented. We all hate spam mail and if your messages go spam no one will appreciate them. This will reflect negatively in your business because no one takes spam messages seriously. People may start thinking that your business is not serious about what they are doing. There are certain products that are assumed to be spam even when they are not. Some of the products that are assumed to be spam include products related weight loss and health. If you are into this type of business be extra careful about Email marketing.

Size of Your Business.

A small startup business may not need Email marketing in the beginning. This is because initially the customer base is still small and other methods of marketing may be preferable as opposed to Email marketing. There is no need of adding Email marketing expenses to a business that is not yet stable. Email marketing should be used where the client base has already been established and there is a strong client base.


Common Mistakes in e-Mail Marketing

June 11, 2017

Email marketing is one of the best marketing channels that you can use in your online marketing strategy. One of the biggest misunderstandings is that we assume because we are on email all day long (from our desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets) this makes us professional email marketers.

All marketers make mistakes from time to time, the question is… are you a victim of any of these common mistakes in email marketing? If so, avoid them!

Unsolicited Messages

It’s always wise to be absolutely sure that you are sending messages to customers (prospects) who subscribed to receive such messages from you. If they didn’t receive the subscription request and confirmed the subscription, then you are sending SPAM. It doesn’t matter if you think the recipients will be interested in what you are about to tell them, don’t do it. It will negatively impact your reputation, the respectability and perception of your brand, the deliverability of future message and the effectiveness of the message itself.

Too Much or Too Little Promotion

These are two extremes. There are those marketers who promote something to their lists every day and those who feel that they shouldn’t promote very often. There must be a balance. For those marketers who promote their products every day, they will eventually begin to see their open rate go down. Their customers will anticipate other promotions and so not bother to read their email.

Make sure that you include emails that have no promotion whatsoever so that your customers learn that you appreciate them and you are willing to offer any additional help.

Underestimating Subject and Sender

If you want to succeed in email marketing you must take the subject and the sender very seriously. These two elements are very vital in the recipient’s decision to read or not to read your email. First, they need to know you; secondly, you need to convey that the message is an interesting one. Never create a subject that is not consistent with the body of the message.

Bottom Line

Email can be a valuable marketing tool for driving traffic to your website, increasing leads and engaging your customers. For better returns, send out compelling, optimized emails.


e-Mail Tips Learned From The Pros

June 10, 2017

You are probably aware that email marketing is not only a lucrative business but a venture that is marred with its ups and downs. Statistics show that there are approximately 2.5billion email users all over the world. Marketers with apt business skills know that this presents both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is to catch the attention of this high number of users. On the other hand, the opportunity here is that you can convert these users into profitable leads for your business.

If you are to make it in this competitive business world, then you need well thought out strategies. So below are some Email Marketing Tips The Pros Don’t Want You To Know. Check them out:

Optimize for mobile

Most people use their mobile phones for internet applications that allow them to compose, read, reply and delete their emails. Those brands that do not optimize their emails for mobile devices often end up paying a stiff price for this mistake. Studies suggest that 63% of emails are deleted if they are not optimized for mobile. Make sure your emails are elegant, simple and readable on mobile devices.

Use relevant content

It is never enough to send emails to your prospective clients even if you are doing it consistently. What matters is the content that you send within the email. Tailor your message with relevant information that actually adds value to the user. This way the user gains trust in you and this increases the probability of them reading your emails.

Personalize your emails

Emails that are sent with personalized messages often receive positive feedback. Even if the customer does not subscribe or reply to your email, at the very least, they will take a look at what you’ve sent them. Readers will only glance for 5 seconds before deciding whether to stay or move on. So, it is up to you to make the best of this situation by creating personalized emails.

Build on the concept of sharing

It is many people’s pre-conceived notion that posts that go viral only exist on social media networks such as Facebook and YouTube. This is not the case. The truth is that an email can be shared over a million times between users. As a marketer, your primary objective is to reach as many people as you can. Where possible, encourage your prospects to share the emails that you send them to their friends, colleagues and family members.

To sum it up, you need to be aware that email marketing is a game of numbers. The resources and time that you put into your marketing efforts is measurable through numbers; i.e. the number of subscribers that actually buy what you have to offer.


How To Market Without Becoming Spam

June 6, 2017

The best way to effectively carry out marketing without becoming a spam is through Email-marketing. Email marketing is a very popular practice and technique that can be used to advertise your business to prospective customers. Apart from using email for marketing, you can also use it to engage customers by making your emails as personal as you can. If you use this strategy correctly, you will develop a good relationship with your customers and get their interests. In this article we have outlined the various ways on how to market effectively without becoming a spam.

  • Send Emails to people who know you and your products.

Sending emails to people who know you and your products is the first effective way on how to market effectively without becoming a spam. Anyone who is aware of the reason he or she decided to join your email list will not receive your email as spam. Therefore it is vital to only mail people who are familiar with your products because those who are not familiar with your product will receive it as spam and delete it and this will be a waste of your time and resources.

  • Avoid overwhelming your customers with marketing emails.

Sending out hordes of marketing emails to your customers can be boring, therefore focus more on one topic per email. The topics should be followed by a short copy which can entice your customers to click on it and read through and this way your customers will be happy because they wouldn’t be overwhelmed by too much information.

  • Do not bug your customers with “Buy Now” emails.

Your email subscribers are already aware that you want to make sales therefore do not annoy them with loads of “Buy Now” messages but instead try building a steady relationship with them and present yourself in a professional manner. This has proved to be one of the best ways one can use to market effectively without becoming a spam.

For anyone who is looking for suitable ways to market effectively without becoming a spam, you will find the above mentioned methods ideal for your marketing strategy.

However, when using the email marketing strategy, do not forget to include an Unsubscribe link in your emails because your goal is for customers to choose whether they want to keep receiving your mails or not.


e-Mail Marketing Secrets

June 5, 2017

Email marketing is an effective form of online marketing, but there are secrets to doing it right. Creating an email message to use in an email marketing campaign is not very hard, but convincing people to open email marketing messages is, because online scammers also use email to spread their junk mail around the internet. By using the secrets to email marketing, you can let people know that you are a legitimate company at just a glance, and they will therefore feel safer about opening your messages.

Be respectful enough of those who will be receiving your email messages to use their names to greet them in your message. This secret to email marketing does add some work to creating a marketing campaign, but it will get you further than an impersonal and unprofessional, “hey you.” Send your email messages in HTML and PLAIN formats so that those receiving them can choose to view your marketing message in the format they prefer. Yet another of the secrets to email marketing that is very effective in getting more people to at least open and look at your message.

Never use dollar signs anywhere in your messages. Not the subject line, and not in the message body. People have come to associate the presence of dollar signs in the subject or message body with SCAM emails and will delete them instead of opening and reading them. Many ISPs also have filters that will block emails containing dollar signs in the subject line of the message. Even if your email marketing message containing dollar signs were to make it past an ISP filter and someone were to open it up, this is insulting and not necessary to provoke interest in your website. People understand what money is without pictures or symbols of it.

As another strategy, it is best to avoid sending your marketing messages during the holidays. This secret is in sharp contrast to the suggested techniques of other styles of internet marketing, but during the holidays people are more apt to be online for shorter amounts of time and many stay away from their inboxes because they feel an obligation towards messages from family and friends, and we all know that at that time of year people just don’t have the extra time to invest financially or even just investing their time, in other people’s ventures.

Provide a form that requires recipients to type their email address twice to avoid typing mistakes that renders responses to those interested in your offers undeliverable. Another secret to is to provide a concise path for those receiving and interested in your offer to follow to complete desired purchases or receipt of offered materials. Your email marketing message should have a link to where these purchases, downloads, subscriptions, or whatever it is that you are offering can be completed or a way for these to be completed directly from your email.

Most of these secrets to email marketing are simple yes, but they are very effective when used.


5 Tips For e-Mail Marketing

June 4, 2017

Email marketing is a great way to maintain a good relationship with your customers and build your business. Consider the following tips for successful email marketing:


Maintaining a proper list of all the email addresses is extremely important for your business. Email addresses can be key to the success of your business, losing them is the last thing you will want. If you are just starting out and new to email marketing, then it is advisable to maintain an Excel sheet. Also make some categories in the lists. Different kinds of customers may require different kind of emails. If you have some customers who have signed up for a free trail on any of your products, then they will need different messaging from the ones who have already purchased something from you.


After you have sorted out your email lists, the next step is to write an informative and engaging content. In the email, don’t use works like ” free”, it may end up in the spam folder. Also try to keep the email short but informative. No one has the time to go through a long email. A nice subject is also important. Maximum people open the email only if they find the subject line interesting.


As per studies, it has been found that email open rates are very high in Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It is the maximum at Wednesday. Don’t send them on weekends. Very few people check their emails at Saturdays or Sundays. Also it has been found that email open rates are maximum during the afternoon from 2 to 5. As the day progresses, emails gets pushed towards the bottom of the inbox.


Make sure that you send emails that are ” CAN-SPAM” compliant. Before sending email to anyone, it is important that you take proper permission from them. Also, it is essential that you give them the option to unsubscribe. If you fail to keep the ” Unsubscribe” option, it can lead to your account getting suspended. However, it also gives you the option to figure out what’s wrong with your emails. If one email has a cancellation rate of 2% and another 15%, then there must be something very annoying about the second one. Also, make sure that the content you are sending is completely correct and there is no misleading information. It is not only good for your business, but is also essential as per law.


Nowadays, maximum people use their mobile phones for reading emails. Hence make sure that your your text is large enough and the graphics also appear properly in the mobile devices. Always remember that there are thousands of other things which are competing to grab the attention of your potential customers. Your job is to make sure that they open the email and read properly what’s inside. Sending a mobile-friendly email is a good way to start.