There’s one big problem with the huge amount of content on the web now…

It’s that some of it is not interesting.

Unfortunately, a huge proportion of the social media posts, blog posts, articles and even videos that are on the web are simply boring. They tell us generic things we already know, they do it in a style that’s not engaging and they have dull, descriptive titles.

Think about how many articles you’ve read in your lifetime with titles like: “How to Get Great Abs!” or “Top Ten SEO Mistakes”. Probably hundreds right? And by now that kind of thing is just old, tired and boring.

If you want to stand out and be heard then you need to make sure that what you’re putting out is interesting, different and unique. Here’s how you do that…

Come Up With Something Fresh
If you look at a flock of sheep which one always stands out? The black sheep right? You need to be that black sheep when it comes to the chorus of content on Facebook and Twitter. You can’t just post the same articles and topics that everyone else is posting or you’ll just blend into the crowd. Instead, you need to offer something that people can’t get anywhere else and that is completely different.

How do you do that? One option is to come up with something entirely new by combining different subjects, or by giving your own personal take on a popular subject.

Another option is to just find the latest and most exclusive stories you can. That might mean reading scientific reports or scouring press releases. It takes more work but the result is something that’s much better!

Tell Stories
Now you have the subject, the next thing to consider is the delivery.

And one technique that never gets old is to tell stories. If you can report on the same thing as everyone else but give your version a narrative hook – a beginning, middle and end with a protagonist – then it will be much more compelling and much more enjoyable to read.

Think about when you’ve read a good book – sometimes it feels almost as though you’re coming out of a dream when you stop!

Or how about watching a movie and completely losing track of time?

With a great story, you can have the same impact on your readers. And then they’ll be hooked!

To Success,

You are only as good as your next accomplishment:

“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow”
~ William Pollard


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