Solo Mailers

How To Use Safelists/Solo Mailers

First, what are safelists? A safelist is a mailer where members send e-mails to each other. You send an email promoting your offer through a website or your affiliate link in return for viewing the emails sent by other members. When you sign up to a safelist (and there are thousands of them). You will usually be asked for 2 email addresses: one as a contact email (the admin will use this to send their safelist offers, upgrades and special discounts) and the second one as your list email (where the other members of the safelist will send their offers to you).

The reason it is not recommended that you use your personal email account is because you will receive several 100’s of emails each day to your list email and it’s best to set up a new mail account just for your safelist work. Once you sign up you will be asked to confirm both your contact and list email accounts and once you have done this you will become an active member of the safelist.

Now that you’re active what next? As a new member remember to take advantage of any new member promo codes.  Each list has a place where you can enter a promo code, i.e. code “newmember or new member” as sometime this will get you quite a few getting started free credits. Once you are ready to send out an email you find the link for “mailer or credit mailer” and follow the guidelines.

Each site is a little different but most are set up very much the same. When you send mail, you enter the subject of your email, the main text of the email you are sending, where you want the person reading to go to when they click your link and next it will ask you how many members you are mailing.  You will just use your credits to send your message to the members of the list.

After you’ve sent your first email out what’s next? You will have a set time frame to be able to send another message and each safelist is different, so it could be 24/48/72 hours up to a week before you can send another email out.

How to get credits without having to upgrade?  Easy. Go to your list email account and start clicking on the credit links in the emails that other members have sent out with the credits they have. In each email you receive, you will scroll down to where it will say CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR CREDITS FOR THIS EMAIL, something like that, once you click the link you will need to normally wait 10seconds to gain credits. You can then earn 100’s and 1000’s of credits ready to use in your next email out to members.

That’s how a safelist works you gain credits for reading through your emails then with the credits you gain you send email with your products and affiliate links to the other members. However, if you sign up to just one safelist it could take a very long time to wait to send out your next email and so on, that’s why you need to sign up to as many as you can, that’s what I did, I have a list of about 100 safelists that I use and most of them gave me free credits just for signing up, so take full advantage of this fact.

Join as many as you can get the free credits, upgrade whenever possible and send our your emails as often and to as many as you can.